We have helped hundreds of people turn their immigration dreams into reality. We are sharing some success stories, but there are so many more:

“Erin is my immigration attorney. She’s been most helpful in sorting out my complicated case. Responsive and patient to explain procedures, she saw that my issues were resolved in a prompt manner, which I appreciated. I respect her opinion and her professionalism very much. Thank you!”

--- Elizabeth K.

“Organized.  Considerate of your needs.  Gets straight to the point.

Erin is all you need in a darn good lawyer.

AND she’s trilingual!  Spanish, Korean, and, of course, English.  I’m pretty sure if you needed her to speak and understand another language, she’ll take the time to learn it and take care of you.  She’s just that good.”

--- Connie B.

“If you need guidance from a knowledgeable and professional attorney…. Hire Erin.  She is very thorough and patient with each of her clients and always has their best interests in mind.  The best part about working with her is that she is always very prompt about responding to client needs and available when you need her.   No need is too big or small for her to handle.  Always attentive and a pleasure to work with.”

---- Susan B.