What do I do if I’ve been in a car accident?

Getting in a car accident is shocking, frightening, and often-time, confusing.  Here are some basic tips to guide you through an accident:

  1. Check on all the people involved in the accident.
  2. Call the police if there has been significant property damage or physical injury.
  3. Exchange license and registration with the drivers involved. If there are witnesses, obtain their name and contact information.
  4. Take pictures of property damage, if you are able to, at the scene of the accident.
  5. Contact your insurance company and file a claim, regardless of whether you think you are at fault for the accident.
  6. If you feel any pain or injuries from the accident, see a medical practitioner immediately.
  7. Consider hiring an experienced attorney! An attorney can help you through the process whether you are at fault or not.  A personal injury attorney can help maximize recovery and liaise with all parties involved.